There is an abundance of video available online. The most used site is, of course, YouTube. Many of the videos are of questionable value, however there are also many educationally valid videos.

Google's video search searches a wide variety of video sources, including YouTube.

Videos can be watched directly from the video source. A google search for "downloading youtube video" will yield links to many sites that offer software (both free and retail) that will download video to your computer. The advantage of downloading the video is that you now have the video available for use, even if the original video is removed from the site, or you are not connected to the Internet. The most simple (and free) site to download video from YouTube is []. Download videos can also be edited using video editing software like iMovie (Apple iMac), or more complicated software, such as Final Cut Express. A DVD of downloaded videos can easily be created with iDVD

Currently I use the desktop version of and save videos in .mov format (playable with QuickTime and editable with iMovie).

As educators, we must always be aware of copyright issues and model proper practices for our students. Downloading and showing of copyrighted videos / movies (although easy to accomplish) is a definite no no!

Curriculum Opportunities

School Tube

A Screenshot of the Schooltube Homepage

SchoolTube provides students and educators with a safe and free media sharing website.

All media submitted must be approved by registered teachers and meet their guidelines. Their guidelines state that all content submitted must be original work or have a clear credit given to the original creator at the end. Everything needs to be tasteful and not meant to hurt or embarrass anyone. Simply put at the end of their guideline statement, “If you don’t want your mom and your grandma to see the video, then it probably doesn’t belong on SchoolTube."

The format is very similar to YouTube, but designed to be safe for students and teachers for their academic content and heavily moderated to ensure it stays that way. The videos, just like YouTube, are converted to a flash format and are given a title, description, and search tags.

The site hosts contests for students to enter. In addition to the recognition, the winners can sometimes receive prizes like giftcards or trips.

In addition to the content for students, there is an area where teachers can share and collaborate as well.