Google has a variety of features / services that fit with Web2.0 philosophy.

Google Products - or

Once you create a FREE gmail account, you will have easy access to an online calendar, documents (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation - Microsoft Office compatible) with disk storage space for files created in documents and files you upload (an excellent way to transfer files from home to school) and other services such as Blogger and Google Reader


A similar set of products as google, but the blog is replaced by a wiki, applications include a database which google is missing. Again, the files are Microsoft Office compatible and again it is free.

Curriculum Opportunities

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Zoho software was used for a group assignment where the students needed to find definitions on the Internet including the reference of site the definition was found. I created the document for each group, then share that document with the 3 or 4 group members. The group members could edit the document at the same time from different computers. The students had three issues to over come: how to work as a group electronically, the latency involved is some of the updates and edit protection enforced when multiple people are editing the document at the same time.

Towards the end of assignment, I shared the all the documents as read only with the class . I also had each group create a document for T/F and M/C test questions and had them share their document with me. I then copied and pasted their questions into the wiki application and told them that I would use the good questions on the up coming test.